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Regenerative agriculture research program

Regenerative agriculture research program 

 The regenerative agriculture research program is a full-time program that will take 4 to 5 months. During the program students will participate in a wide variety of workshops, lectures, and assignments that are developed in an interdisciplinary manner and that provide skills for life after university. The program includes housing, transport, workshops, practical experiences, and coaching. All of this included costs 700€ per month. We are looking for grants so it can be cheaper for spanish students. 

What can offer you:

  1. We can reserve 3 places in the program for students of the two universities
  2. Research that connects to the farm
  3. Offering a sustainable business module in the program
  4. Long term relationship with a sustainable large-scale farm
  5. Writing research (PhD) proposals together
  6. Developing together programs for Spanish students by 2019
  7. Exchange of knowledge/language/culture between international students
  8. Giving professional skills/capacity training in addition to theory
  9. Being part of a network of regenerative farming practitioners
  10. learning journeys of one day (visit of the farm and restoring the land)


What you could offer:

  1. Use of lab facilities for students
  2. Professors of the two universities give 4 guest lectures a year on soil/biodiversity/other topics?
  3. Local guidance of research for students
  4. Help getting grants/funds for this project: starting with funding for 3 spanish students to participate in the program, writing phd proposals togeter, specific funding for logistical purposes like house/transport/office space. 

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7 mayo 2018